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MM gakuen gasshoubu: Tsunku ver of AKB48?

For your information this group 2nd single will out in 15 July. You can see its flyer below.


and watch the CM:

Okay, i never found its PV concept in any other H!P PV (CMIIW) and only found this kind of concept in AKB48’s PV (so far in my very poor collection of AKB48). Well, can i say this “Anime” group from TNX as Tsunku ver of AKB48? I guess i can, lol.


S/mileage – serious naming or a joke?

As we know,a new group is hatched from the eggs. This group powered by 4 powerful U15 engine from the eggs and i call it ‘The Dream Team of The Eggs”. But you can’t call it by that name. Even that title is great but it’ll be very ridiculous to say. So, what is this group’s name? Officially tsunku said from his blog that this group name is ‘S/mileage’.

S/mileage are:
– Wada Ayaka (DAWA)
– Maeda Yuuka (Yuukarin)
– Fukuda Kanon (Kanyon)
– Ogawa Saki (Sakichy)

S/mileage? Yes, S/mileage, it pronounced as smileage. It was a combined word from ‘smile’ and ‘age’. So, the meaning for smileage is “The Age of Smile”. Since the four of them are easily smiling in most of H!P / UFA event. I think it suits them. S/mileage is also taken from ‘Smile’ and ‘Mileage’, and of course with the same meaning as before.

My concern is ‘S/mileage’ from ‘Smile’ and ‘Mileage’ (i think that’s why he put slash {‘/’} between letter ‘s’ and ‘m’). Do you know what is the meaning of mileage nowadays? it is the amount of fuel required to move the automobile over a given distance (from wiki). So basically it was the fuel efficiency for car. Higher efficiency rate means that you’ll spend less amount of money to buy gasoline for your car.

So, what is the final conclusion for S/mileage based on that? ‘Keep singing and smiling while you only can get a little amount of money (budget)’…

What the… Hey, we know that H!P is very poor nowadays. So, why he give them that name?



Kago Mk II – even more kawaii then it’s predecessor

We already know that Kago the 4th generation of mm is already messed up with public trust (her fans i mean) 3 times. And all of them is really serious problem. That’s okay if she debuted not in Japan, but hey, that’s Japan, when image is the most important thing for fandom.

She is one of the miracle generation of mm. Back in the old days, she also become the youngest female artist that sing in Saitama Super Arena (as far as i remembered, CMIIW). And even performing one of the most succesful child group of mm, W.

But now, there is no more Kago in H!P. No more? I don’t think so. Right now most of fans know that there is a person in H!P who resambled her, in appearance, well 80% i guess. She isn’t too fat. Short, yes. Still young, yes, she is 14. Wonderful vocal, yes. Good dance skill, yes. Love english, yes, that’s a good point. Talkative and attractive, yes. Kawaii, YES!!!

Everyone let me introduce you to our K.A.G.O Mark II:

Fukuda Kanon


Thanks to genius, workaholic, and half-pedophile, Tsunku who found and foreseen her tallent.


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