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Dakishimete² Dance Review: Who is The Best Dancer in Berryz?


Dakishimete Dakishimete music clip, dance shot version already available at Single V DVD. Dakishimete² dance can be categorized in ‘hard’ difficulty level which has fast hand & body movement, fast footwork, and cross changing position (and each of them must did it without see the others). And once more they dance skill are truly tested in this clip.

Here is my full review about each member and rank them, who is the best. I tried my best to be objective enough while write this. The 1st and 2nd position is really hard to decide and i’m sorry if you dissapointed with the result.

1. Miyabi
Why? Because her dance is nearly flawless. She has the balance of High-King group, fast reflex, straight movement, and almost no mistakes. But, she is lack of expressions and she thinked that her hot pants is very annoying. You can see clearly that she didn’t let her legs spreading open wide in this dance shot. But she can make an improvement with that and make her dance looks more feminine.

2. Saki
The captain of the berry and one of the High-King member. Her dance skill is very good. Same as miya her dance is nearly flawless too except her reflex is a lil bit slower than miya. I didn’t know if her outfit is the cause of these, because moving fast in jeans is harder than hot pants. And somehow… is her legs isn’t straight? Beside of that her expressions is better than Miya.

3. Momoko
A trully energetic dancer. She is like koharu, an over powered dancer. Good balance but still aren’t that better than miya and saki. Her reflex is fast and i can say better than saki in this dance shot. But, the result of over powered dancing stregth plus fast reflex is she did too many useless movement. And the worst is no expressions at all in her dance except when her rule is come (you know, in the time you must did it in front of camera like smilling, serious face, sad face, etc.)

from this point, each member is nearly out of breath / breathing heavily during dance.

4. Chinami
This genki member surely can make the dance more life. Hold the best expressions for entire members. But, she didn’t put too much efforts on her footwork and her footwork is slow. Beside of that she can did every axis movement perfectly.

5. Yurina
Very tall indeed. With her height she most suited at the axis of the formation. Her movement is good. But,i think she tried to be same as the other members, i mean in height like: spreading her legs widely and bend her body too far to the front.

6. Maasa
In this dance, we can see maasa is already much more slender than before. Her movement is still as heavy as before. I think her reflex didn’t get better even with slender body, but she tried at her best to match with others. The best thing is her neck is very flexible and she used it to make unusual head movement that make her entire upper body movement more flexible.

7. Risako
The last position? Yeah, because her movement is very slow, not reflexive enough and she reduced her movement just for keep up hers with the others. She only can gain her speed during stand still. What make her so gorgeous is her bouncing boobs. And sure the director is aiming for this (you can see them zoomed in normal version of the music clip)

berryz-koubou-dakishimete-dakishimetedance-shot00067823-18-50Not enough kick from miya.
Miya: *sigh* “I hate these pants!” 

berryz-koubou-dakishimete-dakishimetedance-shot00093523-19-34Chii: “Foo!”
Rii: “Bah!” 

berryz-koubou-dakishimete-dakishimetedance-shot00139823-20-48Momo, what r joo doin?. That’s too much.

berryz-koubou-dakishimete-dakishimetedance-shot00158423-21-02miya: “Captain, we can fly!”
saki: “Oh yeah!”
maasa: “I’m flying too, but why my face covered with bear’s ass”
yurina: “Who care” 

berryz-koubou-dakishimete-dakishimetedance-shot00295023-24-101Momo, please put some expressions on your face!
Momo: “This is boring. This dance aren’t dificult enough for me!” 

berryz-koubou-dakishimete-dakishimetedance-shot00365223-25-29Miya: “Hey captain, now i’m flying higher than joo” 
Maasa: “I’m higher than captain too, but now there is a peach ass in front of me”
Momo: “Fuck joo all! I don’t care what happened to joo, coz i’m the most popular berryz right now”


Freeware Review: MPlayer for Windows

Kita sudah lama mengenal freeware (dan opensource) pemutar video untuk platform windows seperti Media Player Classic, VLC Media Player, dan bahkan KMPlayer. Tapi pernahkah anda mencoba paket MPLayer for Windows ?

Mplayer merupakan engine pemutar video yang sudah tidak asing lagi bagi pengguna linux, yang mendukung 192 video codec dan 85 audio codec. Ditambah lagi dengan paket codec binary yang menambah lebih banyak lagi dukungan untuk memutar codec-codec lainnya. Semua itu dikemas dalam 1 paket yang menjadikannya sebagai All-in-one Video Player.

Pada kebanyakan kasus, sistem windows yang di instal codec tambahan seringkali menyebabkan crash pada sistem saat sistem mencoba menggunakan codec yang terinstall untuk mendapatkan detail dari file video yang ada pada komputer kita seperti dimensi, durasi, dan thumbnailnya. Karena semua codec yang terinstal bersama paket MPLayer for Windows adalah internal codec terhadap mplayernya sendiri, maka hal ini tidak akan mengganggu kinerja sistem.

Paket ini sendiri memiliki kemampuan untuk beradaptasi dengan sistem komputer kita terutama processor dan graphic library yang terinstal di sistem. Jadi, pada saat playback nantinya, mplayer akan berjalan sesuai dengan kemampuan optimum sistem anda.

Paket ini menyertakan 2 GUI untuk front-end mplayer-nya, yaitu MPUI dan SMPlayer (default) yang berjalan menggunakan engine mplayer. tampilan SMPlayer tidak jauh berbeda dengan Media Player Classic dan menunya hampir sama dengan VLC Media Player. Yang menjadi nilai tambah adalah dukungan pemrosesan suara yang jernih di tambah internal equalizer. SMPlayer juga menyediakan playlist, sehingga kita tidak akan kesulitan membuka banyak file untuk diputar berurut / random.







MPlayer for windows dapat diunduh dari situs milik Lord Mulder ( ). Pada saat running untuk pertama kalinya SMPlayer akan mencoba memutar sebuah file streaming via web. Anda bisa stop pemutaran ini dan mulailah memutar video kegemaran anda. Jangan panik bila pada saat playback video yang pertama kali SMPlayer anda terlihat seperti hang, karena setelah itu SMPlayer dan dikemudian SMPlayer akan memutar video dan musik kegemaran anda dengan kemampuan optimum sistem anda.


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