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Akihabara Get Direct Hits from Momoclo

Damage report: Akihabara area currently suffering direct hits from Momoiro Clover until 9th may. Now, Momoclo are promoting their brand new single for their major debut under Universal Music Japan label. As i mentioned before, Momoclo will release their single “Ikuze! Kaito Shoujo” ( 行くぜっ!怪盗少女 ) in 7 different types. And their aggressiveness won’t stop just like that. Momoclo currently holding small concerts that titled “Momoiro Clover Tour 2010  ~Spring World’s Strongest League~” ( ももいろクローバー メジャーツアー2010~春の世界最強タッグ決定リーグ戦~ ) which focus in Kanto region, especially in Tokyo, around Akihabara. Most of their small concerts hold at UDX Theater ( UDXシアター ). This 120 seats theater located in Akihabara. Talking about “Theater” & “Akihabara” did they remind me something in the past and present ^^ .

If you want to know what kind of song is “Ikuze! Kaito Shoujo”, you can watch a very tiny part of it here:
In that video you also can find Momoka’s true potential and why i called her Momoclo’s Mikitty xD .

Oh Yeah, i also have the first part of UTB Scan that talk about them and of course their totally gorgeous photo. (if anyone have the 2nd part, please share it to me =.=)

Momoiro Clover @ UTB Feb issue


Berryz’ ROCKZ!!! (1st part – preview)

I think most of you already heard the full version of Berryz’ 22nd single preview “Otakebi Boy WAO!”. My first impression about this song is: ROCKZ!!!! As expected from H!P Unit that specialized for ‘unique’ songs. It has been a long time i don’t hear a song as hard as otakebi. If you saw the video above the author has been identified each person’s vocal, although the accuracy is still uncertain.

I have comments for each 4 berryz forward’s vocal:

  • Risako: This song is rock and her vocal is mismatch with the song.
  • Yurina: Awesome! she ROCKZ! she should be a vocal lead for this song.
  • Miya: The author detected some part that covered by her, but i still doubt it. Anyway, if that parts are true her vocal, i sense something different from her.
  • Momoko: Oh yeah, Buono! ROCKZ! three years covering pop-rock / rock-pop songs in Buono! make her vocal in this song sounds great.

Anyway, I’m looking forward for its PV. I hope they have something totally rockz just like fusion from Bravo Bravo PV and Rival. 😀


Kalafina – Progressive (full radio preview)

Yet another awesumness. Kalafina, the current Yuki Kajiura’s active team still won’t stop with yuki’s classic-modern contemporary music style. And just as it said in this song’s title “Progressive”, this song can be categorized as progressive too, just like their other awesome song that included in this single’s limited edition DVD, “Love Come Down”. I love Yuki’s music style since she still in see-saw. I love classical music, like Beethoven’s ,Tchaikovsky’s, and many others. And love it even more if re-arranged or made with modern style.


Kalafina – Progressive (preview)

Kalafina 6th single – Progressive official preview from Sony Music:

original source

It will release at the same time as Momusu’s 41st single – Kimagure Princess.

About the song, i feel it sounds like eurobeat with classical touch (Yuki’s music characteristic). Love it ^^.


Kitagawa Mimi with MM Gakuen Gashoubu – Daisuki ni Nare (preview)


The preview is ready, thanks to jerinaordi. Here, listen it via Youtube:

The song is totally in canary style and it was totally ogamana solo! the entire MM vocal group were just back vocals. That’s awesome, another solo for mana xD. But, why the group don’t have any single line at least give em a little.

It’s a happy song and since i used to hear canary club’s songs, this song earned an achievement easy-to-get-the-first-impression from me ^^. Yeah, it’s very catchy and easy i think. And somehow, i feel it has the same beat as other canary song “Alive! Are You Ready“.


Sexy Princess -W00t-

Since i loved such a weird but awesome music composition like the next MM 41st single “Kimagure Princess”. I said the composition is very weird, it’s true that this song is very WEIRD. It has been a long time since, err… since when? i forgot! that MM sing an ethnic song with contemporary music composition. This song earned an achievement “easy-to-get-the-first-impression” from me, nice!

The turtle seems to pwn3d the entire lyrics, since her vocal is very suitable for this kind music. Combined together with little evil bunny’s vocal in some lines that make ai-chan, mame and reina’s vocal heard unmatched with the music. At very least i can say that this music is special for our cute turtle ^^.

The composition and arrangement for this song are very rich. From violin, electric guitar, err… a conga or something similar like that, and even a gong. It’s like  the entire world musical color were combined in this music but in the modern way. Male voice for “hoi hoi hoi” things really marked to move momusu’s wota to shout and jumped in this section. Haha, even i already made my own movement in that section XD.

My rate for this music is five stars, w00t. Yeah and i hope they choose a proper director for its promotional video and he/she don’t make such a plain video just like its predecessor single. Ii Janai?


Ogamana’s – “namamana” = Airi’s – “airi” ?


First, for your information, mana’s is older than airi. But, somehow her perfectly round face make her looks younger than her actual age.  I’ve been posted some gorgerous preview from mana’s pb before. This time we have more preview from Canary’s official blog. It’s a sticky post and updated for 3 consecutive days until last night and maybe today there will be more preview posted.


Mana’s firts pb promotion will take in multiple places, stores and event. I can see TNX totally put so much effort to promote mana’s first pb. Yeah, even they included their promotion in some gravure sites and stores. A large gamble in their investment to this girl. Because a little mistake in this promotion can lead this face of NGP’s image looks as a gravure idol.


i think i've seen that furniture in my gramps house

I pick that title because i feel pretty curious after saw some official preview from mana’s first photobook “Namamana”. The latest preview show some similarity look with Airi’s first pb “airi”. A preview shows mana was taken a photograph inside a room with 80’s style furniture inside. And that’s make me really don’t understand what is the basic theme for this pb.



I feel confused, but that make me feel even more curious with this pb. Damn, why it took so long to wait it day by day


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