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Nocchi got her first!

Okay, i’m back! (again)


When i checked Hello!Online torrent feed a moment ago, i’m pretty surprised that someone out there kindly shared us Nocchi’s 1st original portrait book or you can called it her 1st photo book. Err…, not actually a photo book i think because it contains not just her photos. It also contain her complete biodata and a little history of her from a tiny little baby until now. Maybe you should see and read the entire book (or scans if you don’t have a time to waste your money), because there some ai-bon-esque shoot inside for you who have perverted thought about her.

It shared at Hello!Online. Just in case if you totally lost it seeders or you prefer direct download, follow this link.


Mana’s “Namamana”, C-ute’s “Zekkouchou”, Miya’s 17th and Mano’s “Tokimeki”

A week without any posts at all huh? yeah i admitted that i’m very lazy to write some update last week, so here is my batch in one post.

  1. Mana first solo photo book – “Namamana”
  2. C-ute – “EVERYDAY Zekkouchou”
  3. Natsuyaki Miyabi 17th birthday
  4. Mano Erina – “Kono Mune no Tokimeki”

First, last week i’ve received my original copy of Ogawa Mana’s first solo photo book, “Namamana”
Miya456Forget about 3 CDs in the middle row, that’s not mine. This photo book is a lil bit larger than usual even the publisher wrote that this is an A4 size. To compare i’ve put Miyabi first solo photo book above it.
Miya457Pointed at bottom-right corner of each PB, you can see that “Namamana” is wider than regular PB from kidznet. Oh yeah forgive me about the angle in this shot, coz “Namamana” is still longer about half centimeter at the top side.
Miya458And under its heavy hard cover there is full two pages picture, but unfortunately its print quality as not as good as the real page after it.
Miya460Wow, it can be safely opened in this way. I’m still trying to bend each page bit by bit so i can put it it into scanner. One more thing, this photo book come without any DVD making included at all and it will sell separately in September 2009. I don’t know if i can buy that DVD since MaiMai will also launch her first solo PB.

The second is, C-ute latest single – “EVERYDAY Zekkouchou” PV was aired in DohhhUP. Well the song is far more better than previous song and the concept of its PV is very good too. I like it, and finally i see an easy-to-get-the-first-impression PV from C-ute after their “Forever Love”.

Wow, an outdoor PV and it is in the top of building. That solid black dance platform looks very contrast against its surrounding, nice. Wait, i think i’ve seen this theme too in previous Tsunku’s works.

The Possible – Young Days

Canary Club – Nishiki Kazare

Especially with “Nishiki Kazare”, somehow i feel there are a lot of similarity with “EVERYDAY Zekkouchou” both in song and PV.

The third is, by 25 August 2009 Miya was turn into 17th.

Happy birthday Miya!


I wish you can get your position again in Berryz to be the second main vocal and center after Risako. Oh yeah, that fan-art isn’t mine.

The fourth and the last of my batch here is, Mano Erina’s latest single – “Kono Mune no Tokimeki wo” and its PV. Finally she touch the piano again, and this PV is considered as one of Manoeri’s greatest PV for this year. I like the PV because it is easy-to-get-the-first-impression and at least it match with the song as well. S/mileage came as her back dancer again? That was very smart for their public promotion and very “efficient”. One of the most its interesting things is the song isn’t created by Tsunku.


Can’t wait 4 t3h awesumness of “Namamana”

DAMN, where is my shipment for “namamana”.

images are come from uruz7‘s blog.


Ogamana’s – “namamana” = Airi’s – “airi” ?


First, for your information, mana’s is older than airi. But, somehow her perfectly round face make her looks younger than her actual age.  I’ve been posted some gorgerous preview from mana’s pb before. This time we have more preview from Canary’s official blog. It’s a sticky post and updated for 3 consecutive days until last night and maybe today there will be more preview posted.


Mana’s firts pb promotion will take in multiple places, stores and event. I can see TNX totally put so much effort to promote mana’s first pb. Yeah, even they included their promotion in some gravure sites and stores. A large gamble in their investment to this girl. Because a little mistake in this promotion can lead this face of NGP’s image looks as a gravure idol.


i think i've seen that furniture in my gramps house

I pick that title because i feel pretty curious after saw some official preview from mana’s first photobook “Namamana”. The latest preview show some similarity look with Airi’s first pb “airi”. A preview shows mana was taken a photograph inside a room with 80’s style furniture inside. And that’s make me really don’t understand what is the basic theme for this pb.



I feel confused, but that make me feel even more curious with this pb. Damn, why it took so long to wait it day by day


~Raw Mana~, NGP’s Pure Angel 1st PhotoBook

Mana’s first photobook will release at July 25 with title ‘なままな’ (namamana). ‘なま’ (nama) means ‘raw’, so we’ll taste her raw charm and beauty in this photobook. Some of her PB preview already published on internet.

You know, once, Airi wore ballet outfit in her third photobook. Well, i don’t know if she had ballet experience before but she looks so beatiful there. Now, how about if a ballerina make her debut photobook. I want to see mana in her ballet outfit in this photobook too.

Damn, i don’t wanna wait till next month when this photobook come into my hand.


H!P Best Butt #1 – Ai Chan

I’m pretty excited when saw shirow’s Unofficial “Hello! project – Butt shot! volume 1“. Amazingly there are plenty of but shot from various H!P members photobook including graduated members and ex-H!P kids photobooks. After saw the entire “Butt Shot” PB, finally i know who has the best butt in H!P. My answer is:

(aka Takahashi Ai)

Oh My...

Oh My...

Because she has the most well balanced, sexy, and proportional butt.

– To see if someone’s butt (a woman/girl) is sexy you must see its mass first. Unfortunately Miya’s butt mass is a bit too thin T_T.
– Second is the peach curve (ah whatever you say it). More round is better. Heavy mass but flat isn’t good
– Third is hip vs butt size/diameter. Too shallow then her butt looks flat even if it has large mass. Too far in difference that can be very creepy.

So based on that i put Ai-chan as the #1, followed by Maimi, Reina, Mano & Momo. Damn, kids these day!


Maasa become the sexiest Berryz

Shirow informed in his blog that Maasa will get her first PhotoBook and it’ll be release at March 11, 2009. Below is the possible preview for her PB.

Thanks to shirow for the information 

Holy shit, look at those hip. Sure it shaped perfectly. So this is the reason behind why maasa get slimmer lately. And her boobs size is wonderful. Compared to risako, my opinion is “She is far more better than Risako!”. And the scene that she take off her shorts… , err, ugh, well, think wild?

Fuck fuck fuck fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck. When miya get her 2nd chance.


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