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Compete with River

It is not a surprise or special for me that again AKB48 hit the #1 oricon weekly with 179K sales. The one that make me surprisingly happy is that mana and her gang made it in the safe place in #10! This is a new record that they manage to that place against such a huge name (and size). I just realized that both of ’em released at same day! Well, i don’t know too much about AKB and won’t know farther about them.

Mana was even more amazing in this single, both her voice and appearance in “Daisuki ni nare”‘s PV. I think she born as a soloist, since she got too many solo line in any canary’s songs. After two consecutive single for anime “Gokujou! Mecha Motte Iinchou” she only act as model and din’t get a line at all, now she lift NGP to the surface again. It remembered me when last year she release her debut single “Suppin Rock” was released with Aya Hirano’s “Namida Namida Namida”. But that’s a different story because both of them were at the same anime “Hyakko”. This time she really compete with a big name in japan music industries.

vs river

#10 in the chart (klik for larger image)

As one of NGP’s ace sure she can prove that she is really an ace that worth. May the force be with her and she choose the Diva career path.


Kitagawa Mimi with MM Gakuen Gashoubu – Daisuki ni Nare (preview)


The preview is ready, thanks to jerinaordi. Here, listen it via Youtube:

The song is totally in canary style and it was totally ogamana solo! the entire MM vocal group were just back vocals. That’s awesome, another solo for mana xD. But, why the group don’t have any single line at least give em a little.

It’s a happy song and since i used to hear canary club’s songs, this song earned an achievement easy-to-get-the-first-impression from me ^^. Yeah, it’s very catchy and easy i think. And somehow, i feel it has the same beat as other canary song “Alive! Are You Ready“.


Ogawa Mana + MM Gakuen Gashoubu + MM3 – Double A-side

It has been announced that 3rd opening song for anime ‘gokujou mecha mote iinchou’ will be double a-side. So, what i told you before is just one of it. MM3 are going to fill the next ending of this anime and MM Gakuen Gashoubu will cover the opening, of course Ogamana will be featured in both PV. And now we have a trakclist for this MM Gakuen Gashoubu third single (& the first for MM3):

  1. Daisuki Ninaretsu ! (Mimi Kitagawa [CV Ogawa Mana] & MM Gakuen Gashoubu)
  2. Kokoro Kun ni todoke (Mimi Kitagawa [CV Ogawa Mana] & MM3)
  3. Daisuki Ninaretsu ! (instrumental)
  4. Kokoro Kun ni todoke (instrumental)

With 4 version:

  1. Limited A, bonus: DVD Daisuki Ninaretsu ! PV
  2. Limited B, bonus: DVD Kokoro Kunnitodoke PV
  3. Limited C, bonus: limited edition collection card
  4. Regular version

So, uh, two limited edition with DVD? Great!


A new flyer for this single:

daisukiAnd also, i’m sorry for a lot of missunderstanding in my previous post about this single.


Changing Room Photo Accident

Please be careful if you took a picture in changing room. Even you still wear your clothes, watch your surrounding if there are any other people still undressed

MM Gakuen Gashoubu @chaning room

MM Gakuen Gashoubu @changing room

Fortunately we can’t identify who is that cause her face cropped perfectly 😀


No Shit, Mecha Motte! Summer is freakin awesome

Mecha Motte! Summer full PV is up!

TNX Girls are totally shining in this PV. Mass school girl style, dancing in gym, class chit-chat, and even sit on the roof, oh my, cool! Somehow why every girls totally change from TNX’s too-plain-looks into adorable-idol-look. Ogamana in yukata, yay <3. Robin-chan you looks like foreign transfer students. Miki, your dark skin looks even more beautiful with straight hair. Ayube, without her glasses she don’t look like the oldest canaria XD.

If you noticed their skirt also ‘fly’-in just like in AKB’s PV (well remind me which one is it). The dance was so energetic & fun, and applouse to their coreographer.  The theme suits the anime they covered very well. And also, the synergy between the song, the video, and the dance is perfectly match. This PV is a part of TNX’s continuous outbreak after ‘Hikari ga Kirarara’ and ‘Shiawase no Katachi’.

With this now i can see clearly that tsunku choose the modern and progressive style for TNX. A different way from H!P main group style that still hold classic-never-die style. So, which one the correct words for tsunku? “Wow you’re GENIUS. You segmented your own artists to their each market” or “Jerk, why don’t you change H!P’s style?”

Elite class for idol? xD

Elite class for idol? xD

Moe~! <3

Moe~! ❤

Miki! <3

Miki! ❤

An American is used to be an idol too

An American is used to be an idol too

We've taken the rooftop

We've taken the rooftop

Ogamana or Sherina?

Ogamana or Sherina?

Three long-hair goddess

Three long-hair goddess

She is not kago, really

She is not kago, really

Air orchestra!

Air orchestra!



Help, i need blood transfussion

Help, i need blood transfussion

So, in my mind ‘Take it Easy’ already defeated before they show their full power.


Mecha Motte! Summer: Whorty!~ My Second Betrayal from Buono?

Okay, maybe this ‘ll be my second time i betray Buono! Last year, i decided to deny Rottara-Rottara single due to my dislike to its PV. I totally unaware about Buono’s new coming single “Take it Easy”. Why? Because it become too animeish and kicked out a lot Buono’s “ROCKISH” image. Animeish is fine i like it too, i like both of shugo chara egg! singles, i like all athena & robikerots release, i love milkyway song so much, and maybe some of koha’s singles. But please, don’t make Buono become ‘too usual’ anime group!

Last year i switched my rottara rottara Limited & Single V orders to Ogawa Mana’s single limited edition. In my opinion her single is the winner with overall point both the music and video, even rottara-rottara is still the winner in music  -only. This time, the one who probably cause my betrayal is still the same person. Yes, she is ogamana. She is not alone this time. Yes, MM Gakuen Gashoubu are like the whole NGP girls joined together like AKB’s full team together. More people = more power, maybe this time that words work on them.

Classical touch in this music is awesome. I like classical music, and i like another H!P song with the same touch before. Yes the music is catchy and fun. I don’t know if it was just coincidence or not, but both “MM! Summer” and “Take it Easy” anime side ending video has same theme, summer. But, once again “MM! Summer” is the winner in corelation between song and the video. At least this time, we haven’t seen any preview from “Take it Easy” yet.

Mecha Motte! Summer from gokujou mecha mote iinchou ed.

Mecha Motte! Summer full preview

Ogamana will be the main character in their video. And we’ll see another cute TNX girls in close up. I still don’t memorize every TNX girls, but i think i’ll try to memorize each of their name first. At least its preview looks very promising and i think we’ll see the full version of this PV in 2-4 days later, because we already have the full preview of this song.


MM gakuen gasshoubu: Tsunku ver of AKB48?

For your information this group 2nd single will out in 15 July. You can see its flyer below.


and watch the CM:

Okay, i never found its PV concept in any other H!P PV (CMIIW) and only found this kind of concept in AKB48’s PV (so far in my very poor collection of AKB48). Well, can i say this “Anime” group from TNX as Tsunku ver of AKB48? I guess i can, lol.


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