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Erika – Out of Order

This is the beginning of August 2009 and as Hello!Project fans we received two official news for us. One good news and one bad news. The good one is, Erika of C-ute will start her showdown in modeling world . The bad one is, in order to achieve her goal and ambitions in this world, she will leave C-ute FOREVER. You can read the official announcement here.

Yes, she is Erika, Umeda Erika, the oldest and the most matured C-ute member. In many magazine shots of her in this past year. She already told us in indirectional ways that she really interested in modeling world with her gestures. Even a normal people would said that she is a model not a singer or a dance.

It’s good to hear that she walk down to this paths seriously. But, from now we’ll miss her for a while until she finish her study in modeling and make a real debut in modeling world. See you Erika, Sayonara, till you can meet again with your fans in modeling world. And i hope you’ll make great success in modeling.

Oh yeah, on more thing. Tsunku, please decide a new generation for C-ute. Now, it officially only five member. We don’t want it degrade till disappear like the other buried old groups in the dark side of H!P’s history. At least, promote one of the eggs to become one of c-ute like you promoted our beloved Kanna years ago.


Irorin: Full Loli Power

I’ve been watched many egg’s video in the past year and watch them growing their skill and appearance in incredible rate. Most of our lovely eggs is still U17 and 70% of them is U15. If you are a big fan of H!P Egg then someone can easily called you ‘lolicon’, no excuse. One of this U15 members possess a great amount of loli aura in my point of view (call me whatever, i don’t care). Still have high child voice. Her vocal charateristics. Pig tail hairstyle. Err, sorry for confusing words. So, my conclusion is she is the #1 loli in eggs. Her rival is Maana with megane-power, Takepyon with her cheek, and our newest loli egg, karin. Beside of her loli-ness, she has a stable vocal, good dance skill and i believe she have a great promising position in the eggs.

Maeda Irori aka Irorin

ah well, the other U15 eggs sure is lovely too. And still, the top of the eggs for me is kanon-chan.


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