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Buono! – Around The World in 3m 50s

A few days ago, Buono’s brand new promotion video for their 6th single “Co No Mi Chi” oficially released. You can watch it online at DohhhUp. My first impression about this song when i heard it from crapy noob audio rip is “God, this song isn’t better than rottara-rottara”. But as i say before, The PV quality and/or style can change your mind dramaticaly.

Co No Mi Chi (pronounced as “ko no mi chi”) song it self lately sound very catchy and fun for me. Compared to previous singles, this song sounds more pop rather than rock. But still i can say it categorized as rock.

Even the PV still looks very poor and cheap, but the idea using digital collage (even animated) is very amazing. We can see the trio walking around the world in london, afrika, hawai and antartica. British royal guard, double decker bus, a bunch of penguins, moai statues are included in the background art. And it’s not just simple flat collage but 3D (again, plus animated in 3D move too).

The dance is… I cannot say a lot since there isn’t too much dance shot showed in this normal version. I think they’re trying new dance formation line using diagonal formation and momo is still as a pivot when the other two rotated her like a satelite. And again, miya is still in charge to do sexier move than the other.

Awesome Choir Style with Rockish Outfit

Walking in the london street. You can see miya’s new hair style is very cool indeed. Yeah this time shorter is better.

Give me french kiss fries.


Africa Adventure

Africa Adventure

Antartic Expedition

Hawaii Vacation

3 Moai the trio XD.

Country Walk

Fresh milk again !?

Airi: “It taste a lil bit wierd”
Momo: “Mmm, nice milk”
Miya: “Darn, why fresh milk again !!!”

From the last pic, it seems that we will see ‘blaargh’ scene again. 


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