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Miyabi and The Former H!P Goddess

When lurked around in the World of Wota today, i’m surprised that yesterday miya was met with one of the former goddess of H!P, miki fujimoto. Yeah, miki herself told us via her blog that she is very happy to meet miya. She remember that miya and her used to be debuted in one group “Sexy Otonajan“. She said that she remembered that miya is shorter than her, a long ago. But now, miya is taller than her ^^, children are growing fast nowadays 😀 .


Wow, look at those goddess. Those smiles can be overkill enough for who admired both of them at the same time :D. Oh, i almost forgot. For a little nostalgia, here is the pics of Sexy Otonajan


murakami megumi, fujimoto miki, natsuyaki miyabi

megumi & miya

megumi & miya

*sigh* if megumi didn’t leave C-ute, this two will become the greatest duo in H!P history.


Morning Musume 8th Generation Audition: Rematch

The result of Morning Musume 9th generation audition is Mitsui Aika. I’m still remember that this decision to pick Aika as the 9th generation member from tsunku became a hot debate among fans, but lately Morning Musume fans finally accepted her after her debut in EgaoYes Nude and Kanashimi Twilight. and in anime group Athena & Robikerots.

The others runnner up are dumped except Kikkawa Yuu. She accepted as one of Hello Pro Egg member. A lot of her fans who give their support to Kikka when she was still in battle with Aika in momusu 9th gen audition are very pleased with this result. Kikka now debuted in one of the most succesful anime group in H!P, MilkyWay.

Both of them now have a large fan base. It’s very interesting if UFA create a show called “Morning Musume 9th Generation Audition: Rematch” and Kikka come as a challenger for Aika to take the 9th throne of Morning Musume. If this is real then i’ll make a comparison between them.

  1. Vocal
    Aika’s vocal character sounds like a child, she used it very well when she sing for Athena & Robikerots group. But lately her vocal are very annoying when used in Morning Musume’s line. The reason why she get so many lines in Egao Yes Nude and Kanashimi Twilight maybe just to promoted her.
    In the other side Kikka’s vocal in the beginning didn’t paid so much attention. I see her performance video in the series of mini concert of Hello Pro Egg in 2007 but nothing special in her vocal, but at least she is better then the other egg that accompanied her. I’m very shocked hear her vocal improvement when she debuted in MilkyWay anime group. And finally her very amazing performance in Hello Pro Egg ~Shiba Kouen STEP~ singing Fujimoto Miki‘s “Romantic Ukare Mode” show her true vocal potential.
    Winner: Kikka
  2. Dance
    Debut as momusu’s member mean that you will receive a hellish dance training to keep up your dance skill with senior member of momusu. And of course Aika received this kind of training too. The result of this training can be seen in her performance at momusu’s single and concert. She can dance perfectly synchronized with other momusu member when minimilizing mistake.
    As a member of Hello Pro Egg, Kikka received a dance lesson too. But, the schedule in Hello Pro Egg, both of performance and lesson is not as tight and hard as momusu’s. Of course her skill are improved greatly when debuted in MilkyWay but her responses is still late and sometimes cannot keep up with Hyper Energetic Dancer – Kusumi Koharu and Super Sporty Dancer – Kitahara Sayaka.
    Winner: Aika
  3. Appearance
    Visual appearance meaning that you can attract more wota and even perverted wota to join your faction. Both Aika and Kikka possessed with rare big boobs (i admit in H!P large boobs are very rare). The first is Aika when many fans are drooling with her appearance in Onna ni Sachi Are when her outfit are very exploiting. And even in Alo Hello DVD, she looks sexy too.
    Kikka possessed with this kind of appearance too. In her performance in MilkyWay’s “Anataboshi”, we can see her marvelous boobs and hot body curve. Plus one of the most hot topics for MilkyWay performance for Anataboshi in Haromoni@. We can see her boing-boing things very clear here.
    This category is hard to choose but finally i choose Kikka is more hot than Aika.
    Winner: Kikka

Results: 2 – 1 for Kikka

Well actually there is still more category to compare. But this three major category, i think is enough to cover the rest.


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