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Irorin: Full Loli Power

I’ve been watched many egg’s video in the past year and watch them growing their skill and appearance in incredible rate. Most of our lovely eggs is still U17 and 70% of them is U15. If you are a big fan of H!P Egg then someone can easily called you ‘lolicon’, no excuse. One of this U15 members possess a great amount of loli aura in my point of view (call me whatever, i don’t care). Still have high child voice. Her vocal charateristics. Pig tail hairstyle. Err, sorry for confusing words. So, my conclusion is she is the #1 loli in eggs. Her rival is Maana with megane-power, Takepyon with her cheek, and our newest loli egg, karin. Beside of her loli-ness, she has a stable vocal, good dance skill and i believe she have a great promising position in the eggs.

Maeda Irori aka Irorin

ah well, the other U15 eggs sure is lovely too. And still, the top of the eggs for me is kanon-chan.


An Egg who look like AKB’s member (to me)


Her name is Komine Momoka aka kominecchi (isn’t that komine + ecchi, lol just kidding). The first time i saw her is in H!P Shinjin Kouen ~Shibakouen STEP~ video concert. When i saw her, responsively i said “WTF! What did AKB member do in this concert”. Well, that just my response, even i don’t know which AKB’s member that she look alike (i like AKB’s songs but i’m not their fan). But in my brain her face actually isn’t a typical H!P face. My memory about AKB48 is very outdated. I tried to like them when they debuted for the first time in 2006, but ended with failure. Somehow, seeing kominecchi’s  face just like activating some memory in my brain.  And a few days ago, i’ve reached a conclusion that she will listed in my favorite eggs list. Her vocal is awesome, good dance skill, and she can cover all yaguchi’s line in Iku ZYX! FLY HIGH very well including that very long “wow…”. Vocal quality is the first priority to me when loving an idol, dance skill the 2nd, and appearance is the 3rd and she got very nice points for all that criteria. Watch every egg concert video carefully and you’ll notice that she is awesome (but not as awesome as my top egg duo best friend – kanon & sakichy)


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