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Momoiro Clover – Pinky Jones

Okay guys, i’ll just put the download link here. Since i won’t update this blog again except for something like this.

Please enjoy Momoiro Clover 2nd Single – Pinky Jones’ PV.


Nocchi got her first!

Okay, i’m back! (again)


When i checked Hello!Online torrent feed a moment ago, i’m pretty surprised that someone out there kindly shared us Nocchi’s 1st original portrait book or you can called it her 1st photo book. Err…, not actually a photo book i think because it contains not just her photos. It also contain her complete biodata and a little history of her from a tiny little baby until now. Maybe you should see and read the entire book (or scans if you don’t have a time to waste your money), because there some ai-bon-esque shoot inside for you who have perverted thought about her.

It shared at Hello!Online. Just in case if you totally lost it seeders or you prefer direct download, follow this link.


T3h Awesumness of Momoclo continued (+download)

Okay i’m back. It has been a long time huh since my last post. Yeah, sorry for that.

Anyway, this is the promised things from earlier post. I’ve received both of my Momoclo’s singles. I’ve told you that i’ll share them. Sorry for my lateness coz my adsl speed isn’t good for uploading things. Here we go:

1st – Momoiro Punch [Single (mp3 320k)] [Music Video (DVD RIP)]
2nd – Mirai He Susume  [Single (mp3 320k)] [Music Video (DVD RIP)]

Oh yeah they also release their 2010 calendar, here is the sample:
So adorable ~ ❤ .Do you think Akari (bottom right) looks like a pro model here?


Berryz齧歯類 – Seishun Bus Guide

Berryz Rodent:

18428Can you guess who is who?

Oh yeah, i also made some simple audio works based on above fan-art. Here:
Berryz Rodent – Seisyun Bus Guide –


Piriri to Yukou 2.5 – Space Odissey to Saturn

Ye we know that PV for Berryz’s ‘Seishun Bus Guide’ is already aired in Dohhhup. You can download the whole PV here. Berryz is back in full CG PV again *sigh*. But, i can say that the overall PV is awesome. The PV tells us about a group of boys become crazy in love with a gorgerous guide in their study tour. Coz of that, so this time every berryzs cross-dressed as high schoolers. Well the song it self isn’t bad and very typical with berryz’s style. The dance, WOW. WHOAAA, those blue shorts bus guide outfit make em even more sexy than before. The background CG theme is space travel. Bus guide and space travel? Yeah, their tour isn’t an usual one. They’re touring across gallaxy!

sbg_01The background looks similar from a game. Err… what it is?

sbg_02all girls boys staring at their guide

sbg_03This is what i mean The Ultimate charm of Miya.
Good to see that she is the center starter for dance shot.

sbg_04Blue baby, that shorts is awesome!
Hey look, their destination is Saturn.


Munasawagi scarlett's formation

sbg_06Mariko Oe as Makoto, the gorgerous guide.
Well, she totally stealed my focus everytime she showed up in this PV.

sbg_07Tokuchi (behind Sugai): “GOD, please save me! I can’t hold it anymore”

sbg_08Sugai: “I think my heart will explode”

sbg_09Tokuchi: “What do you think natsuya? She is gorgerous right? I’ll confess to her soon”
Natsuya: *glaring* “Shut up! she is mine!”

sbg_10Tsugu: “Whooa, nice body.
This see-trough clothing eye glasses works very well”


1.000.000 volt of love

sbg_12Natsuya: *sneeze*
Makoto: “Are you okay? You don’t look very well. I’ll get a blanket for you”
Mizuki: “Hey, he is fine a moment ago”
Kuma: “I believe that he just pretending to get closer with Makoto-san”

sbg_13Natsuya: *evil grin* “Tehehe, they’re jelous”

The real man

The real man


Cool pose, isn't it?


Tour portrait

sbg_17Sudo: “Don’t mess with me noobs! or i’ll beat you to death!”



Makoto: “Yes, can i help you?”
Natsuya: “I love you makoto-san. Wanna date with me?”



Makoto: “Me, with you? No problem”
Sugai: “Hey that’s unfair! She is my crush you know!”
Natsuya: “Wanna fight?”

sbg_20Mizuki: “You can’t date her alone Natsuya.
Did you forget our friendship? One for all and all for one!
You too, sugai, QUIET!”
Sugai: “…”
Natsuya: “Don’t push me short!
Damn! Why everyone is here?”
Kuma: “Haha, got you!”
Sudo: “Hmm, nice ass”

sbg_21Tsugu: “Hey, calm down buddy, how about we take some picture?”
Natsuya: “Haha, Baka!”
Sudo: “She has a nice ass right?”
Sugai: “Damn right!”

Piriri to yukou!

Piriri to yukou!

Mizuki: “One, two, one, two”
Natsuya: “One, two, one, two”
Sugai: *sigh* “I’m too old for this”
Tokuchi:  “Hey! No slacking!”


Sudo, Tokuchi, Kuma,Mizuki, Natsuya: “Are you okay, Makoto-san?”
Makoto: “Don’t worry, i’m fine”
Sugai: “Tehehe, i got her p**** shot”
Tsugu: “Hey, gimme back my mini camera!”

Go blue guieder Go!

Go blue guieders Go!

sbg_26Computer: “Attention! We will enter sub-space warp to Koubou Nebula
Please sit properly and fasten your seat belt”

sbg_28Miya is still in charge to do sexy pose.

sbg_29Kuma: “Before landing, let me take her picture once more”
Mizuki: “Hey, put that freak camera down!
Even we already back to our planet, we still in flight you know!”


Force Download Mediafire

Just a moment ago i’ve downloaded the latest version of K-Lite Mega Codec (v4.8.0) and realized that their medifire mirror is forcing your browser to download the file without opening the mediafire page itself. This trick is only useful for uploader (or link thief) and it’ll waste your time if you are the downloader. Here is the trick:

1. You got your mediafire link that contain your file code (e.g. –> uploaded by jee)
2. There you got your code: mntc0ljmh1d
3. You need to know the real file name of the file (e.g. ). It’s easy for the uploader right?
4. Share your link to your friend like this:<file code>/<real filename> (e.g. Musume – Shouganai Yume Oibito (PV).avi )
5. Done

Lame huh? I don’t care.
BTW, happy sharing 😀


Co.No.Mi.Chi TRANCE!!!

I’m pretty excited when the first fan-Remix for Co.No.Mi.Chi are out. Well, that pretty fast for a remix release. This remix (APX Klub MIX) done by a canadian musician, you can see all of his release here. Well, maybe this remix didn’t go well for some peoples’ ear. But, i give him two thumbs up for this remix (the best remix for the last 6 month i’m digging the net)

Hear online here. You must have an account @ to download it. Don’t worry the account is free, but remember to rate every song you hear / download to give a respect to the author.


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