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Canary Club Reduced AGAIN!


This year one of our canary will totally leave NGP. After 3 years live in the golden cage, one of the canaries Uchita Yuma ( 内田由麻 ) aka. Ucchi ( うっちぃ ) decide to focus on her study. She will officially graduate at 21st march. Last year, Tsunku moved one of his canary to bigger golden cage and he also caught one beautiful young canary to sing and dance with other canaries we loved.

As long as i know, sure she didn’t stand too much (IMO). But still, i love the way she dance in Canary Club. She is one of three power-dancer in Canary Club beside Ayube and Mikki. If you follow Canary Club’s diary, Ucchi’s drawing can be considered as the best in Canary Club.

Canary in and canary out. I hope Canary Club can release more singles this year so the other canary won’t begging for freedom because they’re very happy when people praised them.



Kitagawa Mimi with MM Gakuen Gashoubu – Daisuki ni Nare (preview)


The preview is ready, thanks to jerinaordi. Here, listen it via Youtube:

The song is totally in canary style and it was totally ogamana solo! the entire MM vocal group were just back vocals. That’s awesome, another solo for mana xD. But, why the group don’t have any single line at least give em a little.

It’s a happy song and since i used to hear canary club’s songs, this song earned an achievement easy-to-get-the-first-impression from me ^^. Yeah, it’s very catchy and easy i think. And somehow, i feel it has the same beat as other canary song “Alive! Are You Ready“.


Canary Origins: Mikiho

First of all, for your information. Canary Club (previously known as Canaria Club) is not from TNX. They were hired from SpaceCraft agency, home for some awesome seiyuu/artist/groups like Chiba Saeko, Hirano Aya, Kalafina, etc.

Too much for an idol, she is a model after all XD

Too much for an idol, she is a model after all XD

Niwa Mikiho aka Mikiho aka Mikki, born in 27th September 1989 is one of Canary front-line together with Ogamana. Although she doesn’t have many solo lines like Ogamana, Macchan and Ayube, she always side-by-side with ogamana in the front. Why? I think it because she is attractive, full of expression and she can dance more lively than others. If you look back to her history, she already make her debut even before Canaria Club existed.

She made her first public appearance as one of model in Nicola fashion magazine 2003. Alongside with one of Nicola’s famous model, Okamoto Rei and others, she also made her first debut in a group called Nicomono (a part of Nicola) in its first and only single “I Don’t Know”. She  grouped together with the other 8 canaria in Canaria Club in 2007. And finally she fall into tsunku’s hand when he hired Canaria Club for his new idol project called “Nice Girl Project!” in 2008 till now.


Canary Revolution

After long time hiatus for not releasing anything since last year. Next Canary Club will release their second album “エエジャナイカ” (Ee Janaika). You can read the English detail in Juju’s blog. Well i totally impressed with they new style. The first thing is, there is no glasses anymore. The second, now canary totally leave their image as plain style looking group and dressed more aggressive. Ayube cut her bangs (as you can see in MM Gakuen Gashoubu’s 2nd PV), Ikucchi become as charming as mano, Macchan looks more mature, Ucchi looks totally badass, Mikki with her ‘moe’ face, Airi? no Ogamana XD, and Okkyan is very different without her glasses.

New Canary

New Canary

Macchan, Ucchi,
Okkyan, Ikuchi, Ayube,
Mikki, Ogamana

A few days ago they performed live somewhere (really i don’t get it) with their new outfit. You can see that their quality is far more better then we know before (or maybe you don’t know it yet). God, they deserve more popularity with that skill. If it isn’t Tsunku’s own money. If he can get bigger sponsor, i believe with more wide and aggressive promotion Canary will sky rocketing.


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