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Latest H!P Members Body Height Fact

Sorted descending:

178cm Kumai Yurina
172cm Umeda Erika
170cm Sudou Maasa
169cm Li Chun(Jun Jun)
168cm Yajima Maimi
167cm Tokunaga Chinami, Mori Saki
166cm Zhao Guo Rong(Youko)
165cm Kusumi Koharu
164cm Michishige Sayumi, Suzuki Airi
163cm Sugaya Risako, Kitahara Sayaka
162cm Natsuyaki Miyabi, Sawada Yuri
160cm Kikkawa Yuu, Ceng De Ping(Pei Pei), Zhong An Qi(Anchi), Wu Si Xuan (Shen Shen)
159cm Kamei Eri, Mano Erina
157cm Mitsui Aika, Saho Akari, Komine Momoka, Maeda Yuuka
156cm Hagiwara Mai, Sainen Mia
155cm Nakajima Saki, Wada Ayaka, Tanaka Anri, Qiu Cui Ling(Rei Rei)
154cm Niigaki Risa, Arihara Kanna, Shimizu Saki, Furukawa Konatsu, Gu Yun(Guu-chan)
153cm Takahashi Ai, Qian Lin(Lin Lin), Noto Arisa
152cm Tsugunaga Momoko, Sekine Azusa
151cm Tanaka Reina, Okai Chisato
150cm Fukumura Mizuki
149cm Kaneko Rie, Okai Asuna, Fukuda Kanon, Sengoku Minami
148cm Ogawa Saki
146cm Maeda Irori
145cm Arai Manami
141cm Takeuchi Akari
131cm Miyamoto Karin

Source: WoW(World of Wota)
Note: Maybe inacurate


H!P Face at Rehearsal

Well, i don’t know from which concert this rehearsal pics come. If you guys know about it please inform me. Btw, let see the most natural appearance of H!P members. Yes, because only at this time we can see they true nature.


Look at yuuka (2nd from the left) she looks like just wake up from her bedtime. Manami (the only one with glasses, 3rd from the right), just finished her morning track? lol. Takechan (4th from the left) is very cute in here ^^ and look at her shirt too XD


Here comes the milkyway. What did koha do before come to rehearsal? is she came with her gang? And look to our “Fergie” of the egg, still wear pajamas? wkwkwkwk, i think she did 😀


Sparkling Shugo Chara Egg is just a bunch of brats actually. Dawa look more mature in this state. And of course our lovely KAGO v2.0 (i mean kanon) is still too short 😛


Here is the most show up group of 2008, Buono! Airi’s track suit is very cute right? I think she wears it too when go to bed 😀 Momo is going to attend tricycle race after this, hahaha. And for miya, are you a mechanic ?


Two track suit, one pajamas, one usual play day suit, one audiophile, one shopaholic and an otaku. Is maimi an otaku in her nature? i think i’ve seen her in that army pants in another rehearsal pics.


Some of momusu members. Mame, please drink some pain killers if you have a headache when teaching koha. And koha, you should learn some maners as a woman! I think she is really a gangsta in real world. 


This berryz pic come from another different rehearsal. Poor chii, where is your face?


At least, my lovely miya. She looks very charming and beautiful here. I know she love to put make ups even in this time and i think she is very skilled in it. I think she has a tallent as a beautician too. Well, if she very aware of her tallent and start to collect some safe, she will be able to open her own beauty shop.

Ganbare Miya!


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