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We’re moving to Tumblr

I’ve said before that this blog is no longer updated for any idol info and pictures. If you wish to follow my blog, go to here:

Scattered Brain

But just in case i want to share “something” to you all i’ll put it here, otherwise see my tumlbr.

see ya!


I Hate “That” Miyabi and I refuse her to come to Indonesia

Just translating from my indonesian blog (with a lot of change):

Hahaha, i’m a bit late to know the news about “That” Miyabi will featured in an Indonesian movie. She will play in “Menculik Miyabi” along with Raditya “Bucks” Dika. This news now become very popular in Indonesian movie world. But, this also make my hatred for “that” miyabi increased. There is nothing to do with some type of discrimination issue in my country.

Why? for me “that” miyabi defaming my favorite idol, Natsuyaki Miyabi (wiki en, wiki id, kpop wiki, momusuindo wiki). Yes, i admit that i’m a big fan of her. Most of people (almost 99%) in my country only know “that” miyabi and their reaction when i said that i’m a fan of miyabi are referred to “that” miyabi. In early time i think that was fine, but lately that make me irritated.

I have an original miya phone strap from Berryz Koubou Concert Autumn 2008 – Berikoree attached in my cell phone. Miya’s full romanized name was written in this phone strap. Every people who see my phone strap would associate me as AV actress fan especially with “that” miyabi.

So in the end i refuse “that” miyabi to come to my beloved country because, yes, I HATE HER.


In Her We Trust


“Believe me! I’m the only one who can bring this party rise again. As you can see on our party first three campaign in this idol nation, We can change the nature of this idol nation. There is no other than us who have a commitment in one music style. And that is our true color. Now, this party were plagued with boring music. We lost our follower, we lost our music, and of course we lost our nature. Join with me! Make me your true idol! Make me the leader in this party and I will make everything in bloody red. I will make everything in tartan pattern. I will bring our fast and catchy music back. I will bring our rockish loli outfit back. I will make AKIRASTAR as the only one who worth to compose our music.”




well, that were the words i would say if i was her and standing on the Rock n’ Buono2 stage




"Good morning freedom-san"

Happy birthday to me, today i become 23rd @ 08:10 AM UTC+7. And the first thing that i saw when i woke up this morning is my own Miyabi’s 1st Photobook. And without think any further i opened it and found 1 page that will suit my mood for today.I hope i can get my personal birthday gift from my idol, anything is okay. Haha,  my birthday wish is: I wish I can meet her, greet her, talk to her, and engage her in the next 3 or 4 years.

And thanks to all MMI forum members & all my friends in facebook.


Berryz’s newest rival

Okay, the second PV from double A-side Berryz’s 20th single is already rolls out at DohhhUp. You can watch the entire pv here. Its title is “RIVAL”. I only have one word to simply describe the entire PV and the song itself, that is “FANTASTIC”.

As you can see, as you can hear, as you can feel, the PV is very simple. But, simple PV doesn’t mean it same as the other H!P low cost production PV. All the foods and instrument in this PV are fake and made from cheap card board paper. The room is just simple white with very poor decoration. And you can see very well that some part of their outfit is just modified re-used outfit from H!P’s cramped wardrobe.

Yeah yeah, enough for that. But i can say this PV is far more better than the other side of this double A-side single. There is one thing that made this PV become very fantastic. It’s its concept. A band with 7 members and they sing a very happy-genki-catchy song. Air band dance, hula hoop, and girly-girly chit-chat is another positive point. Everyone looks very happy, but they show their another side as well. The dance is only a very berry simple dance that everyone can easily follow it (even for a fat guy like me).

Perfect synchronized theme between the PV and the song make this PV even more superb. They don’t need full CG effect. They don’t need a huge winter castle or university for a place to crash. They don’t need dark discotheque atmosphere. Even they don’t need an imaginary hi-tech bus that can travel across the universe. Just a simple bright white room with colorful furniture and instrument plus catchy dance is more than enough to express all the thought within the song.

Another thing that make me very addicted to this PV is the return of Miya and Kuma’s role as one of the four front engine. Even now i’m still confused who is the main actor for the whole PV. Is it Rii as usual? Is it Momo? or Is it Miya?

The PV starts with Miya handling a card board guitar. Her position is center and also the pivot for the dance. She did the public talk for the others with captain but, she stand out too much that made her steal the eye catch just for her. Her outfit is the most sparkling. Think a shoujo manga style pretty thing (is that what she thinks about her beauty self?). Her hips moved very well in the dance or even when she played those hula hoop. She got long lines in this song. And she know how to draw with ‘metal’ guitar very well and made some awesome move with it. And of course a close up only for her in the end of this PV.

That is my main point why i love this song very much. I want to buy every limited pack and single V for this awesome single. Should i cancel my order for Alo Hello Berryz. My budget is really thight too for an average salaryman. Should i take some loan? Oh yeah before leaving, i have some stuff to share about this ‘Rival’, here:
for Indonesian surfer
for international surfer
Sorry for its quality.


Miyabi stands for Indonesia

Surely, “miyabi” word is very popular in google Indonesia. But, for me, the result was very dissapointed. There are a tons of another “miyabi” aka maria ozawa, the most hated JAV actress for me, because her stage name polluted our most beloved idol. That’s the reason why i always use “miyabi” tag in every post dedicated to her. I want to show the world that our miyabi is a great idol and very whorted to be worshiped.

This morning, zush’s Berryz Blog’s feed popped out a boat load of miyabi’s concert pics. Some of them has Red-White background just like our country flag or maybe flag of Monaco. I posted some of my selection of those pics, Red-White background first. Don’t misunderstand that i steal these pics from zush’s blog. I’ve taken these pics from another source. Douzo…






My Premonition for H!P in 2009

2009 has come, and of course as one of H!P wotas i have my own premonition for H!P in this year. Well, it isn’t 100% working even maybe only below 10% is true but it still fun to do it. I’ll start with the 3 major groups and ended with H!P it self

  1. One of Morning Musume member will graduate
  2. Morning Musume singles sales still degrade
  3. No new member for Morning Musume
  4. Morning musume will sing even more oldies song.
  5. There is a storm coming to one of Berryz or C-ute members and this time she will graduate / kick out from the group.
  6. Berryz or C-ute will release one outstanding single and overpowered the “Dschinghis Khan”
  7. Berryz’s song even more riddiculus but still keep the 2008 avarage sales.
  8. C-ute song even more mature and the sales still rising.
  9. Buono & Shugo Chara Egg will disband at the end of Shugo Chara airing.
  10. Hello Pro Egg will raise even more and a new stand-alone H!P group like Momusu or Berryz will born from egg.
  11. More H!P members appearence in Dorama and Anime and that mean another new group will born too.

That’s all, it’s only my premonition and just for fun and based on 2008 facts.


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