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I’ve said before that this blog is no longer updated for any idol info and pictures. If you wish to follow my blog, go to here:

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But just in case i want to share “something” to you all i’ll put it here, otherwise see my tumlbr.

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Nocchi got her first!

Okay, i’m back! (again)


When i checked Hello!Online torrent feed a moment ago, i’m pretty surprised that someone out there kindly shared us Nocchi’s 1st original portrait book or you can called it her 1st photo book. Err…, not actually a photo book i think because it contains not just her photos. It also contain her complete biodata and a little history of her from a tiny little baby until now. Maybe you should see and read the entire book (or scans if you don’t have a time to waste your money), because there some ai-bon-esque shoot inside for you who have perverted thought about her.

It shared at Hello!Online. Just in case if you totally lost it seeders or you prefer direct download, follow this link.


Asu wa Date nanoni, . . . : Loli Paradise

S/mileage 2nd Indy single music video was rolled out, watch this:

T3h awesumness of S/mileage continues. Their 2nd Indy is totally amazing, both for song and its music video. The song is catchy and very light, you won’t get bored hear this song continuously. It’s good for starting the day, break time at noon, and for sleep time in the night. Rich synthesizer and percussion sounds that arranged perfectly is one of lethal point for the song. The lyrics also easy to remember. All girls nearly get the same share for solo lines, except for Yuuka and Saki, they got more extra lines here. Their vocal pair is match each other too, Yuuka with Dawa and Kanon with Saki.

Now we down to the music video, let see what i got here

asu01Sparkling heavenly title, Whoa!
It’s different from usually plain look title for most H!P music video.

asu02Tons of crystal hanging lamps, desk lamps, and flower make this scene looks so luxury.

asu03Four goddess ❤
I wonder why only Yuuka who wear a medal.

Fuuuu! <3

Fuuuu! ❤

asu05Pink Gothic loli, what else do you need?

asu06asu07Huge pink hairy phone and… umm, stockings especially Dawa.

asu08Look they’re very adorable here and the angle was perfect.
I love Kanon’s smile here ❤ .

asu09asu10Four different room settings for each girl ^^
No, that’s not my point here. Look again at Kanon and Dawa’s stocking.

asu11“Ello sir! What can i help  you?”

asu12Jan ken for your fate!

asu13Date (death) is the worst.
A tongue twist, think about its hidden meaning seriously!

asu14Uh oh…

Date? still in question.

Date? still in question.

asu16Yet another princess story.

asu17Think of saki’s manner. Is she boyish?




“Ciao, see you next time in our date”


S/mileage fate ≈ The Possible fate ???

Is it possible that someday S/mileage will merge under Tsunku’s own flag, the NICE GIRL Project? I think yes, and their chance to move into NGP or at least completely under TNX are high. It’s because of this:

  1. Both of them start as indy. The Possible need 8 indies before they start going major. The current S/mileage start to launch their 2nd indy.
  2. Both of them has a soloist to be their “foster parent”. The Possible are with Tokito Ami and S/mileage with Mano Erina
  3. Both of them were born from Hello!Project Egg and from the best young eggs in each era.
  4. According to point 1, bot of them also start under Tsunku’s own label.
  5. The Possible are still under H!P flag before they dispatched totally (or maybe not for S/mileage case)
  6. Both of their members are almost equal in quality for each group that make them much more efficient.
  7. and what again?

No, not K-on, they’re S/mileage!

I found this great full colored s/mileage fan-art. Yes they’re drawn like K-on character, even the style and the shape of s/mileage text (in japanese) upper left of this fan-art. From what i guess, from left-to right (counterclockwise):

  • Yuuka, her birthmark on her neck.
  • Sakichy, her eyes.
  • Dawa, her fang & hair.
  • Kanon, her only unique lips.

If they resembled to K-on character, my guess are:

  • Yuuka -> Mio
  • Sakichy -> Mugi
  • Dawa -> Ritsu
  • Kanon -> Yui

Well, that’s mine. How about your guess?

S/mileage ver. K-on

S/mileage ver. K-on


Mini Skirt (Again) – Ama no Jaku looks very promising (preview)

Whoa, s/mileage rulez! The PV has a story and as you can see this PV is still have shouganai’s aura inside it. All girls look matured even they’re still in middle school! Damn, if it’s true the rumour that Buono will disbanded after they rule in Shugo Chara! Series ended. I’ll just simply switch my favorite group in H!P into this one, of course i won’t forget miya coz she is still is the best in my opinion.

Lately Kanon, Dawa & Yuukarin popularity is rising rapidly after Shugo Chara Egg!’s debut with Sakichy addition this group become a dream group from egg just as i said before. I hope this is a permanent group & not a single shot, coz they potential is the greatest within H!P right now. Then their path of popularity will depend on Tsunku’s decision. I hope, he don’t take the wrong way again to waste such a great potential in H!P.

If you haven’t watch the preview, here:


S/mileage – serious naming or a joke?

As we know,a new group is hatched from the eggs. This group powered by 4 powerful U15 engine from the eggs and i call it ‘The Dream Team of The Eggs”. But you can’t call it by that name. Even that title is great but it’ll be very ridiculous to say. So, what is this group’s name? Officially tsunku said from his blog that this group name is ‘S/mileage’.

S/mileage are:
– Wada Ayaka (DAWA)
– Maeda Yuuka (Yuukarin)
– Fukuda Kanon (Kanyon)
– Ogawa Saki (Sakichy)

S/mileage? Yes, S/mileage, it pronounced as smileage. It was a combined word from ‘smile’ and ‘age’. So, the meaning for smileage is “The Age of Smile”. Since the four of them are easily smiling in most of H!P / UFA event. I think it suits them. S/mileage is also taken from ‘Smile’ and ‘Mileage’, and of course with the same meaning as before.

My concern is ‘S/mileage’ from ‘Smile’ and ‘Mileage’ (i think that’s why he put slash {‘/’} between letter ‘s’ and ‘m’). Do you know what is the meaning of mileage nowadays? it is the amount of fuel required to move the automobile over a given distance (from wiki). So basically it was the fuel efficiency for car. Higher efficiency rate means that you’ll spend less amount of money to buy gasoline for your car.

So, what is the final conclusion for S/mileage based on that? ‘Keep singing and smiling while you only can get a little amount of money (budget)’…

What the… Hey, we know that H!P is very poor nowadays. So, why he give them that name?



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