no hesitAtIon = KAGO, WIN!

Well, we meet again with the first generation of kago a.k.a. “The Original”. Her movement indeed too aggressive as the former H!P member. Scandal can be used as popularity booster, but that was a big gamble. If she lose then she’ll lost all of her future as an idol. But if she win the gamble, she’ll gain even more popularity. Her latest solo photobook may dissapointed for some people (like me). But hey, we talk about the Japanese standard here, and that’s awesome (if i look at it as a Japanese). And for me the most impressive work of her is her latest and her first single outside crappy Up-Front management, the “no hesitAtIon”.

As kuno said in H!O news, this song were written by Kago herself! Holy cow! That’s awesum. i instatly like this song when first time i watched the PV this morning. The music it self is great (nice job Kago!). I’m really sure that almost everyone who watch this song will like it at the first glance, even a noob who doesn’t know anything about her.

The scenes when she standing in the middle of forest when wearing white dress is the best. And of course whe she walk in the middle of street. She has reach the maturity so it’s fine in the some scenes she shows her sexy side. Haha, that can be a magnet for dudes. Despite of that, i think that this PV can be categorized as acceptable for anyone. For noob, fanboy, and fangirl.


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