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Berryz @ Airport

A few days ago captain and her crew went to Korea to held a mini concert there and had a greeting to their 8th member from H!P Korea Audition (maybe… , just kidding). Just like before when they came for their award, this time Korean Fans also make a ruckus in airport just to greet their idols. I’ve screen captured some moment in this fan video.

berikon_3O_o look at captain, pink shirt in her white skin. oh my…

berikon_4Kuma-chan waving to her fans.
Err, i guess only this frame that clearly show miya’s face.

berikon_5Again, captain. Oh my, she is very beauty and charming here *blushing*

miya banner in background

miya banner in background

berikon_7Su-chan too, kawaii. huh, did her lips dried?

berikon_8Just i say: WTF!

berikon_9Her smile somehow resembled jacko here…

berikon_1O_o momo looked at the cameraman. Damn, i wish that i ‘m the that hold those camera.

berikon_2O_o even chii in natural is more charming.

Did i missed something? Oh yeah, rii. Well, i can’t get better frame that show rii-chan clear face, sorry. Btw, do you realize that momo’s hat is very familiar? You’ll know if you have “THAT” picture.


Beaux-arts de Maimi

I’ve been so busy lately so i didn’t have any free time to write in this blog. So, in this very little chance i just want to post a fanart of maimi which discovered a few minutes ago. I don’t know if this art created from photoshoped scans or pure hand made (i mean with brush, pencil or whatever). Nevermind, this fanart is awesome. Maybe not as good as buono fanart before. Ah, people’s perspective are different each other. Is up to you to choose which one is better.

credit to whoever claimed it as his/her work

credit to whoever claimed it as his/her work


Alo Hello Berryz: Momo’s Trauma

We know that behind her freaky looking super happy genki Momo she is still the most coward member in Berryz. She is very weak against pranks, ghosts, and other scary things including roller coaster. But that is normal for a girl to be coward right? Because that mean she will instantly jump into your hands (if you’re her boyfriend :D) when she scared

In this alo hello video, i saw something different from previous momo’s cowardliness. In the “suspicious guy prank” section, she is the only one who looked totally scared. It looks like she encountered with similar situation before that bring her trauma back. And not just scared, she totally rejected the prank till the end.

At the first contact with this suspicious guy we can see that every girl except Miya looked deeply serious against this alien. To add more stimulation to their mind the crew added some stupid-looking wanted notification and surprisingly every girl believed that stupid paper. Well i don’t know if the director know how to multiply people’s fear but indeed that he planned well to make every member scared to the death in the main prank.

Before the main prank started, all girls were taken to a trip in the middle of  a farm. But, i think that’s not just a simple farm trip. We can saw that the bus was driven in high speed with very little brake in each turn. Captain, Yurina, Maasa , Miya and Chii think it was very fun and they enjoyed the trip when Momo and Rii pair were totally scared and half-enjoyed this trip.

Before Momo’s impression from that trip gone, the prank begun.  When those guy appeared, we can saw that Suu-chan was the first girl who did the evasive maneuvers. But then, we clearly saw that Momo hit the nitro and accelerated at incredible rate. Before she run, she totally freeze and can’t move until Rii-chan dragged her away from that guy. When the prank revealed, every girl, except Momo, begin to smile even some of them include Miya, still cried. Momo still cried out loud and feel that this prank was unforgivable.

I don’t think she acted when she told us about she affraid that her life was in danger. She was very scared that she can’t meet her family again because those day was the last day in Hawaii. The crew hardly to make her calmed down to continue to the next schedule. From this situation i can tell that she have some kind of trauma. No matter how hard/scary the prank, she always smile when it was revealed but this time is totally different. Even she showed up some hatred when everybody laughed after her. Yeah no matter how deep you burried your trauma, you can’t hide it when the similar situation appear.


no hesitAtIon = KAGO, WIN!

Well, we meet again with the first generation of kago a.k.a. “The Original”. Her movement indeed too aggressive as the former H!P member. Scandal can be used as popularity booster, but that was a big gamble. If she lose then she’ll lost all of her future as an idol. But if she win the gamble, she’ll gain even more popularity. Her latest solo photobook may dissapointed for some people (like me). But hey, we talk about the Japanese standard here, and that’s awesome (if i look at it as a Japanese). And for me the most impressive work of her is her latest and her first single outside crappy Up-Front management, the “no hesitAtIon”.

As kuno said in H!O news, this song were written by Kago herself! Holy cow! That’s awesum. i instatly like this song when first time i watched the PV this morning. The music it self is great (nice job Kago!). I’m really sure that almost everyone who watch this song will like it at the first glance, even a noob who doesn’t know anything about her.

The scenes when she standing in the middle of forest when wearing white dress is the best. And of course whe she walk in the middle of street. She has reach the maturity so it’s fine in the some scenes she shows her sexy side. Haha, that can be a magnet for dudes. Despite of that, i think that this PV can be categorized as acceptable for anyone. For noob, fanboy, and fangirl.


When Kids are still kids

Did you remember the face of each H!P kids members back in 2002?


a guide for noob:
rear: erika, chii, maimi, megumi, yurina, maasa
middle: risako, momo, maiha, miya, airi
front: saki, chisa, maimai, nakky

Lol, look at maimi, no one can tell (excpet tsunku, maybe) that she will become so hot like nowadays. Maimai is still too loli there, but now she grows at rapid rate in most aspects both physical and skill. Coincidence? Aa!, and Buono! members are in one line. Miya is still the most badass kid. Airi already has the most kick ass skill (born to be ace, right?). The oldest, erika, already has the most mature face. Maasa is still the tallest kids before yurina claim to be the tallest in H!P. And still, i missed maiha and megumi 😦




Recently i found this photo scan of miya. I’ve been seen miya’s face through time (since she joined H!P). Ah, maybe that’s too far. Just compare her from the last 3 month (since her bang shortened – again). I sense something different in this picture, especially on her eyes. The usual miya have sharp & straight look in her eyes. But, at this one i don’t sense anything. Just plain and almost blank looking eyes. I don’t know what happened, but i hope this is look is only caused by different-from-usual shooting technique or from editor’s desk.


Facebook in Outlook

3 Facts about Facebook:
Worlds best social networking site
– 4% of Facebook users come from Indonesia and that make it in the top 5 countries that dominated facebook (alexa)
– It become indonesia’s most popular site (alexa)

Yeah, sure it will be a pain in the ass if you got cought by your boss when opened Facebook in your web browser and you’re still in the middle of office hours. Why don’t you try to update your status via Microsoft Outlook, it isn’t suspicious at all 😀 . You can install an add-ins for Outlook that allow you to update your status and monitoring any notifications. This add-ins called “FBlook”, you can download it here. Hey, they also provide an add-ins for Twitter too.



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