Buono! vs Shugo Chara Character

Buono consist of 3 members, Amu’s main shugo chara are 3 charas too. There are many conincidences between that 3 charas and buono members in their characteristics, let see…

1. Ran (amulet heart) = Momoko
– Energetic
– Super happy genki
– Noisy
– Supportive to the others

2. Miki (amulet spade) = Miyabi
– Usually remain silence
– Cold
– Suggestive to the others
– Very happy when her turn is come

3. Suu (amulet clover) = Airi
– Think almost everything in good
– Clumsy
– Always try to make someone happy
– Sometimes doing something weird

But, if you see into their speciality the only one match vs shugo chara is momoko with Ran (sports). Miya with Suu (cooks) swithced with Airi’s character like Miki (arts). Actually we’re missing one chara in Buono, Dia (amulet diamond). Some fans suggested Maimi as the 4th to make a complete formation of Buono!. But, i think 3 fixed members is enough since the 4th chara doesn’t come out frequently. Yeah, 3 is enough 😀


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