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A Lot of Berryz Wallpaper (and more)

I’ve found this set of Berryz desktop wallpaper, including our legendary Maiha. Observe my post carefully to find the original site. Remember!!! Please don’t claim all of his/her work as yours. Because last time i shared someone’s works, someone posted them in a forum and claim that they are his works. Well, i don’t know if the thief got the link from my blog or from another source. But seriously i give you a warning.

Forgive me if the only wallpaper that  have its full resolution that hosted in this blog is Miya-chan wallpaper 😀

Miyabi Wallpaper

Miyabi Wallpaper


The Legendary Maiha

The Legendary Maiha


The Strongest Idol Said, “DIE!!! NOOBS”

You know, i’ve been thinking, who is the most creative H!P idol in front of camera. As i observed, even most of H!P idols are professional in photo session but so far there is only one idol that have her own unique & dynamic style. Maybe because of photo session in H!P is very often, many of H!P idol show static styles. Yeah, static, not same for everyone but it still static. But it is a little bit different from Maasa.

Maasa? Yeah, Maasa. Her follower is increasing since the latest Berryz’s single ‘Dakishimete Dakishimete’ and after her 1st Photobook. Many of her pics didn’t show static style. She ussually tried to make something new in every take. Maybe with different angle, mocking the other when group photo take, or even try to impersonate other figures from movie. If you want to be the worshiper of the most balanced idol in most aspects, you should worship Maasa. What aspects that make her balanced? Her physic, her memories, and her intellegence is strong. Now her hips are deadly. And lately, her face is even more charming and beautiful. Strong stamina for dance rally. But, maybe she should sharpening her vocal and dance ability to match with Berryz’s ace (M,M and S. R not included as aces in my opinion, sorry).

This photo is listed as my favorite, what i say? Soldier Maa:
369“DIE!!! NOOBS”


It’s Madame not Captain

Berryz’s concert ‘Sono Subete no Ai Ni’ bring up a lot of unusual stage outfit. Some of them is using middle ages woman theme. Berryz with this theme, WOW! I’ve taken some picture from the net and one of them is captain saki.


Bonjour Madame, gentille de vous rencontrer

If my french is wrong, please blame Yahoo’s babelfish. LOL.
Oh my, she is so beautiful, calm  and gentle. You see her lips, yes her lips! no, i mean, yeah, err, french kiss?


Irorin: Full Loli Power

I’ve been watched many egg’s video in the past year and watch them growing their skill and appearance in incredible rate. Most of our lovely eggs is still U17 and 70% of them is U15. If you are a big fan of H!P Egg then someone can easily called you ‘lolicon’, no excuse. One of this U15 members possess a great amount of loli aura in my point of view (call me whatever, i don’t care). Still have high child voice. Her vocal charateristics. Pig tail hairstyle. Err, sorry for confusing words. So, my conclusion is she is the #1 loli in eggs. Her rival is Maana with megane-power, Takepyon with her cheek, and our newest loli egg, karin. Beside of her loli-ness, she has a stable vocal, good dance skill and i believe she have a great promising position in the eggs.

Maeda Irori aka Irorin

ah well, the other U15 eggs sure is lovely too. And still, the top of the eggs for me is kanon-chan.


Miya in ‘MY BOY’ Limited DVD

MY BOY is released! some spoiler already breached the net for those who still waiting for ‘MY BOY’ copy. One fan leaked MY BOY limited DVD’s screen cap and it’s miya to be the first!!



and this one (cropped from above) is my favorite:
0000Oh shit she is so sexy and mature.
Damn, my hands is shaking again.


How far a face can hide some eggs true age?

Some of Hello Pro Egg member have unusual appearance and mostly lead the newbie to misunderstood their true age. Well, i just say some of them not most of them. So, i just make some samples with two of them. Before we continue, please don’t cheat by searching in google, wiki, fansite, or any database and assume that you are a newbie in H!P Egg World.

Noto Arisa
10861how old is she? 17 or 18? some people even recognized her as 16 years old girl. Okay, Wrong! Actually she is the oldest member and the leader of H!P egg and her age  is 20. Her super happy genki face can fool most of newbie. Even if compared against Sengoku Minami. Most of newb will see that she is younger than Sengoku.

Sekine Azusa
9504Well? 15, 16, or 17? She is one of egg best vocalist and successfuly covering Miki’s ‘Romantic Ukare Mode’ with Kikka in last year concert. Wan’t to know her true age? She is listed in U15 eggs and younger than every Shugo Chara Egg! members.
Her age is just 12 !!!
6th grader huh?


Yet Another Sexy Reina

Well, actually i have an article to post this day. But, i’ll save it for later, coz i didn’t have any chance to upload the video for that article. So, in exchange i have another sexy pose of reina in concert. Here…



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