H!P Bad News, Good News & Weird News

Okay, which one should be first?
Well, maybe the bad news first so your feeling won’t get any worst.

Bad News: Kirarin Revolution will reach its end at March 27
As strawberrie wrote, this mean that H!P will lost one of its gold mine. And i think this is an end for MilkyWay too. Aww, maaaan.

err, Weird news first before the good one:  New totally fresh H!P duo assembled
I think this isn’t too weird but if Tsunku started to recruit u-10 girls that make sense. This duo is called Francis & Aiko . Francis (7) is half france & chinese and Aiko (6) is half japanese & chinese. This duo assembled from two girls i’ve seen before in H!P New Star Audition – Taiwan
Thanks to kuhn for translating (in Indonesian) their profile.

Good news: H!P Spread their wing to Korea
Tricia, MoonlightMusume, & Korea Times reported this news. Captain and Maimi will fly to Korea to make announcement for this audition (ref1,ref2). The audition itself will aired at local tv station, most likely mnet , next month.


1 Response to “H!P Bad News, Good News & Weird News”

  1. March 2, 2009 at 11:17 am

    The move to Korea was not unexpected with all the previous “internationalization” fuss, it was just a matter of time.

    Some part of me says that I must rejoice, but some part of me actually still feels vain that H!P is losing more and more of its strict Japanese uniqueness and becomes genericized…

    But yeah, I like Junjun and Linlin anyway and actually like Ice Creamusume’s stuffs, so I’ll probably get over it some day…

    *H!P to hold Indonesian audition, year 2025… 🙂

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