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Splendid Airi

No!  It’s wrong,  totally wrong. Why must i care about her. No!! I don’t care about her! The only one in c-ute is only erika for me. But, why must i care about Airi ? She is clumsy, trying to be funny everytime but FAIL. She is cute but wait, another over-age like risako ? Her vocal is awesome. Really ? Sound too childish.  It’s better to hear momo’s sound, she can overcome her nature squeky vocal.

Well, f&^* those words. Airi is so cute and mature. People can easily fall into her charm because of her natural beauty. No need too much make up, just a thin layer is enough. Well, additional pheromone parfume is too overkill. Her vocal so far is unbeatable between berryz and c-ute members. I still remember when she sang sharam Q‘s “single bed” in berikyuu. Even i didn’t understand japanese when the first time i heard her sing this song. Somehow my tears just came out. This is only happened when i hear such a great song or sound. Well, i think i know the reason why she become the main vocal in every group she participated.


Yes! All my family (click for full image)

Yes! All my family (click for full image)

I love “Yes,All my family” song and her picture in the booklet is awesome too. This is the reason i wrote this entry. Well, at least she still can’t beat miya in my list of top H!P and TNX artists.


Badass Buono!


Buono! 2

Buono! 2

Buono2 – Buono’s second album cover revealed. The cover reveal the badass side of buono! Well, maybe not all of em look like a badass girl at all. Look at airi she looks cute but, err… what must i say… uncool. When the other two wear dark outfit, why she get a light yellow jacket (which hurts my eyes). Next, the ring leader… Kakkoii !!! This badass looking momo is the best looks for her in entire buono! world. Look at her face, very creepy but so f%^#in cool. The last is the bassist, miya. Her hair style shocked me a lot since she cut her bangs for But this time she looks so mature and beauty. Well, i love her jacket and her shoes is the most cool looking between them.

In my conclusion:
Buono! 2 = Buono! Baddass Buono!


DohhhUp! LIVE! from your site

A few days ago, when Morning Musume‘s new single “Naichou Ka Mo” promotion video up in DohhhUp! I realized that DohhhUp! stream server support video embeding for other site. It’s very handy for fan who want this PV streaming in their site or blog since you don’t need to fetch the stream and re-upload it to another video streaming site like YouTube. And of course you don’t need to worry to be banned since it’s legal. Well, here’s the example in my site since wordpress by default rejecting “<object>” tags and this blog is a free account so i cannot modify the code.

Here is the location of embed code:

DohhhUp Embed Code Location

DohhhUp Embed Code Location


Buono! – Around The World in 3m 50s

A few days ago, Buono’s brand new promotion video for their 6th single “Co No Mi Chi” oficially released. You can watch it online at DohhhUp. My first impression about this song when i heard it from crapy noob audio rip is “God, this song isn’t better than rottara-rottara”. But as i say before, The PV quality and/or style can change your mind dramaticaly.

Co No Mi Chi (pronounced as “ko no mi chi”) song it self lately sound very catchy and fun for me. Compared to previous singles, this song sounds more pop rather than rock. But still i can say it categorized as rock.

Even the PV still looks very poor and cheap, but the idea using digital collage (even animated) is very amazing. We can see the trio walking around the world in london, afrika, hawai and antartica. British royal guard, double decker bus, a bunch of penguins, moai statues are included in the background art. And it’s not just simple flat collage but 3D (again, plus animated in 3D move too).

The dance is… I cannot say a lot since there isn’t too much dance shot showed in this normal version. I think they’re trying new dance formation line using diagonal formation and momo is still as a pivot when the other two rotated her like a satelite. And again, miya is still in charge to do sexier move than the other.

Awesome Choir Style with Rockish Outfit

Walking in the london street. You can see miya’s new hair style is very cool indeed. Yeah this time shorter is better.

Give me french kiss fries.


Africa Adventure

Africa Adventure

Antartic Expedition

Hawaii Vacation

3 Moai the trio XD.

Country Walk

Fresh milk again !?

Airi: “It taste a lil bit wierd”
Momo: “Mmm, nice milk”
Miya: “Darn, why fresh milk again !!!”

From the last pic, it seems that we will see ‘blaargh’ scene again. 


Morning Musume 8th Generation Audition: Rematch

The result of Morning Musume 9th generation audition is Mitsui Aika. I’m still remember that this decision to pick Aika as the 9th generation member from tsunku became a hot debate among fans, but lately Morning Musume fans finally accepted her after her debut in EgaoYes Nude and Kanashimi Twilight. and in anime group Athena & Robikerots.

The others runnner up are dumped except Kikkawa Yuu. She accepted as one of Hello Pro Egg member. A lot of her fans who give their support to Kikka when she was still in battle with Aika in momusu 9th gen audition are very pleased with this result. Kikka now debuted in one of the most succesful anime group in H!P, MilkyWay.

Both of them now have a large fan base. It’s very interesting if UFA create a show called “Morning Musume 9th Generation Audition: Rematch” and Kikka come as a challenger for Aika to take the 9th throne of Morning Musume. If this is real then i’ll make a comparison between them.

  1. Vocal
    Aika’s vocal character sounds like a child, she used it very well when she sing for Athena & Robikerots group. But lately her vocal are very annoying when used in Morning Musume’s line. The reason why she get so many lines in Egao Yes Nude and Kanashimi Twilight maybe just to promoted her.
    In the other side Kikka’s vocal in the beginning didn’t paid so much attention. I see her performance video in the series of mini concert of Hello Pro Egg in 2007 but nothing special in her vocal, but at least she is better then the other egg that accompanied her. I’m very shocked hear her vocal improvement when she debuted in MilkyWay anime group. And finally her very amazing performance in Hello Pro Egg ~Shiba Kouen STEP~ singing Fujimoto Miki‘s “Romantic Ukare Mode” show her true vocal potential.
    Winner: Kikka
  2. Dance
    Debut as momusu’s member mean that you will receive a hellish dance training to keep up your dance skill with senior member of momusu. And of course Aika received this kind of training too. The result of this training can be seen in her performance at momusu’s single and concert. She can dance perfectly synchronized with other momusu member when minimilizing mistake.
    As a member of Hello Pro Egg, Kikka received a dance lesson too. But, the schedule in Hello Pro Egg, both of performance and lesson is not as tight and hard as momusu’s. Of course her skill are improved greatly when debuted in MilkyWay but her responses is still late and sometimes cannot keep up with Hyper Energetic Dancer – Kusumi Koharu and Super Sporty Dancer – Kitahara Sayaka.
    Winner: Aika
  3. Appearance
    Visual appearance meaning that you can attract more wota and even perverted wota to join your faction. Both Aika and Kikka possessed with rare big boobs (i admit in H!P large boobs are very rare). The first is Aika when many fans are drooling with her appearance in Onna ni Sachi Are when her outfit are very exploiting. And even in Alo Hello DVD, she looks sexy too.
    Kikka possessed with this kind of appearance too. In her performance in MilkyWay’s “Anataboshi”, we can see her marvelous boobs and hot body curve. Plus one of the most hot topics for MilkyWay performance for Anataboshi in Haromoni@. We can see her boing-boing things very clear here.
    This category is hard to choose but finally i choose Kikka is more hot than Aika.
    Winner: Kikka

Results: 2 – 1 for Kikka

Well actually there is still more category to compare. But this three major category, i think is enough to cover the rest.


What the %*#$ Bom Ba Ye

I’ve been following zush’s blog @ Berryz Kobo International since it was announced in international wota. But only a moment ago i subscribed to its RSS in my Google Reader account. Accidentially i scrolled down to reduce “unread items” instead of mark all as read and found this interesting post from zush.

Lawz. Omg, i can’t stop laughing when hear this recording. Recording ? I don’t know, just forget it but it still fun hearing miya talking and shouting with DJ OZMA‘s “E.YO.NE!! BOM BA YE” as a bgm. And the wotas sounds crazy too ^^


Miyabi’s Sexy Moment @ Berikoree

Berryz’s Concert “Berikoree” is amazing concert. With improved lightning and of course the stage it self is fantastic altough it’s still looks so poor. Btw, miya’s performance in this concert is very awesome. She look so sexy from all sides.






in the last picture you can see her powerful neck muscle that power her beautiful and stable vocal.


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