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Splendid Airi

No!  It’s wrong,  totally wrong. Why must i care about her. No!! I don’t care about her! The only one in c-ute is only erika for me. But, why must i care about Airi ? She is clumsy, trying to be funny everytime but FAIL. She is cute but wait, another over-age like risako ? Her vocal is awesome. Really ? Sound too childish.  It’s better to hear momo’s sound, she can overcome her nature squeky vocal.

Well, f&^* those words. Airi is so cute and mature. People can easily fall into her charm because of her natural beauty. No need too much make up, just a thin layer is enough. Well, additional pheromone parfume is too overkill. Her vocal so far is unbeatable between berryz and c-ute members. I still remember when she sang sharam Q‘s “single bed” in berikyuu. Even i didn’t understand japanese when the first time i heard her sing this song. Somehow my tears just came out. This is only happened when i hear such a great song or sound. Well, i think i know the reason why she become the main vocal in every group she participated.


Yes! All my family (click for full image)

Yes! All my family (click for full image)

I love “Yes,All my family” song and her picture in the booklet is awesome too. This is the reason i wrote this entry. Well, at least she still can’t beat miya in my list of top H!P and TNX artists.


Badass Buono!


Buono! 2

Buono! 2

Buono2 – Buono’s second album cover revealed. The cover reveal the badass side of buono! Well, maybe not all of em look like a badass girl at all. Look at airi she looks cute but, err… what must i say… uncool. When the other two wear dark outfit, why she get a light yellow jacket (which hurts my eyes). Next, the ring leader… Kakkoii !!! This badass looking momo is the best looks for her in entire buono! world. Look at her face, very creepy but so f%^#in cool. The last is the bassist, miya. Her hair style shocked me a lot since she cut her bangs for But this time she looks so mature and beauty. Well, i love her jacket and her shoes is the most cool looking between them.

In my conclusion:
Buono! 2 = Buono! Baddass Buono!


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